Dash light confession

dim dash lighting 1010report 150x150 Dash light confessionI seldom accept rides at night or close to dark, it’s too easy to miss a highway sign and get way off track. Besides if the ride is cut short setting up my bed for the night in the dark is no fun. Maybe it was because I was so close to home this time or maybe it was God who arranged for this late day pick up I really can’t say but either way a car pulled over and I looked in and saw a smiling man who said he was going to be driving awhile and I jumped in and off we went.

We made chit chat for quite awhile and I told him about my travels and my hitch hiking back and forth across the country to learn about Gods word (I told anybody with a pulse). The sun was setting and we were in the mountains and the shadows grew until everything was dark except our headlights and the dim lights of his dash board.

Looking at him now in the dim it seemed that his happy go lucky visage was now changed somehow into a lonely look and somewhat desperate. What the conversation turned to confirmed this and I was taken aback of what was now spilling out of his soul as if it were a shaken up can of soda under pressure that was suddenly opened.

As we headed west in the dim he told me of his terrible past, how as a child he was molested repeatedly by those he thought he could trust. He spoke of the years of torture and absolute fear of coming home from school each and every day. As he recounted many gruesome, appalling instances of this pure evil he endured he welled up with tears many times and choked back deep sobs filled with agonizing emotions. He was determined however to get it all out it seemed and I remained silent even when he was because I knew he was not even close to his end.

We rode for hours with him talking and me listening, he didn’t take his eyes off the road much and I know that because I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The pale light off his face seemed to highlight everything he said like a story teller at a campfire who mesmerizes his listeners and makes them feel as if they were present in the story as it’s told. At one point I noticed we had gotten onto highway 5 heading north. This meant we had gone way off of where I thought I’d be but I couldn’t say anything at this point and highway 5 eventually ran into my home town anyway so I continued to listen.

As if it were some staged event we were in more traffic and the car was lit up more by all the headlights and the man’s tone seemed to soften and become almost hopeful. He now was speaking of his current life and how he was doing and plans he had for the future. At this point I began to speak and witness the goodness of God and the salvation that was available through Jesus Christ. He was very receptive and had a few questions which I did my best to answer. He was most relieved to hear that God cared for him and that even from this deep dark place he was in that God had a plan to rescue him and love him unconditionally. He longed for God’s love and so desperately and wanted to be assured that he would be welcome in His arms and he would one day be in heaven.

It seemed that this end of the conversation didn’t last long enough but as we came to the edge of the city he pulled over and said it was time for him to let me off. When I saw where we were I was amazed to see I was only a 10 minute bus ride from my home. I wrote down my number and we prayed before I got out and he thanked me over and over again. I stood on the corner and watched him leave making a U turn and drive away. I’m pretty sure he went way out of his way nightbus 1010report Dash light confession and had a long drive ahead of him but he was determined to put this burden behind him once and for all. Somehow I knew he was still going to be talking but this time in prayers to God filled with new hope and a lighter heart.

At last he was free of the heavy shackles of fear and condemnation, free to move forward in life and begin to enjoy the goodness and unending love of God. He released all the pent up sin consciousness and guilt that had plagued him these many years. As I rode home in this bus that was lit up bright as the morning sky I was thanking God and I knew; that there was a man driving home as well with an even brighter light that was beaming in his heart with the love of God that far out shined any light he had from the dim flickering light of his dash board.

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