Two passengers got rolled

I was closing in on my home state eager to end another hitch hiking journey and it was a beautiful day in the mountains. Rides were constant but no one seemed to be going too far so I was not making a lot of time when a elderly man stopped to pick me up.

He was a boisterous fellow and right away he began speaking the word to me and praising God for just about everything imaginable. I’ve been around hundreds of people like this and though it didn’t sound 100% genuine it’s hard to call someone a liar when their speaking the word like that. I couldn’t get much of a word in edge wise except to tell him where I’d been and how I hitched rides to go to many Bible conferences. That set him into another firestorm of praise and worship and he kept saying over and over how God had put us two together.

drunk man in car photos 150x150 Two passengers got rolled I was in the back seat and I couldn’t help but notice the ‘passenger’ slumped over in the front seat with his head actually touching the floor board. The old man saw me looking and exclaimed that this was a drunken man whom he was going to teach about Jesus and save his soul from his evil drunken ways. (When he woke up of course). I was a little leery and began to wonder if the man was even alive but I couldn’t really tell and I could barely get any words in between his.

After about an hour he asked if I wouldn’t mind driving and so we pulled over to switch seats. I was relieved to see that the passed out man was indeed breathing and he wreaked of alcohol and boywas he going to be stiff when he finally got out of the position he was in.

The old man had tired himself out by now with his own words and he old man 1010report 150x150 Two passengers got rolledwas finally pretty quiet. I could for the first time get a good look at him in the rear view mirror and he looked very worn down and scruffy to say the least. If I didn’t know better I would say he spent last night drinking with the man slumped over at my side.

I guess it was God or maybe things were so bottled up in me from the trip that I began my own ‘praise’ talk and began to witness to this man. I thought perhaps he was sleeping but every time I looked back his eyes were fixated on me and every once in awhile he would say “Amen brother” or something similar so I knew he was alert and listening.

I don’t remember all that I said but I know that God was working in the man and by this time there was no doubt as to what he needed to do to be right with God. His quietness turned to a somber confession that he was a pastor at a church in White Plains Idaho and that he needed to get his life straight. He was pretty emotional and he said that now he was determined to go back to his church and begin building again. It sounds farfetched now when I think back but at the time he was very convincing and he did know quite a bit of scripture.

I was so sure that God was working a miracle and that maybe indeed He had put us two together on that day for this very purpose. I began to believe this man about everything including the slumbering wayward soul.

About this time the drunken man was beginning to arouse and my pastor friend was obviously getting anxious. He quickly wrote down his contact information and asked me to pull over in front of a building in a small town we were passing through. He claimed he needed to see a friend inside and that he would be several hours so I should be on my way. I was a little taken aback but I was still so happy with the way things had turned out that I shook his hand as he put his paper that he wrote his address on in my shirt pocket.

No mention was made of the man in the car and before I could ask he disappeared into the building. I thought about sticking around but I figured he’d be back to check him and he still looked pretty passed out.

I made it about 3 blocks away when I began to hear someone cussing and yelling from behind. It was the drunken man who was now up and in a fit of rage. I knew I didn’t want to hang around for that so I kept walking but 1/2 block more or so he caught up to me and threw me up against a wall. Someone must have seen me getting out of the car and pointed me out to him and he was mad. He screamed at me to tell him where the old man was and I told him that he went into a building and he’d be right back. I also told him I was just a hitch hiker whom he’d given a ride in his car. “His car?” he shouted, “that is my car and that man rolled me and took all of my money.”

john 316 1010report Two passengers got rolledI guess the guy figured out I had nothing to do with him getting rolled as he put it so he let me go and apologized. I pointed to the last place I saw him and he stormed off.

I made quick work of putting some distance between me and this troubled situation and by now my mind was filled with disappointment. “How could I have fallen for this? How foolish of me to believe this man when it was now so plain to see. I reached into my pocket to get his address and throw it away along with any ideas that I had done something good. His note had a message under his contact information that read ‘Thank you so much, you don’t know how you’ve helped me, you’ve changed my life.’ I still had a lump in my pocket and reaching in was a wadded up $20 dollar bill. I figured it belonged to the drunken man but when I looked back he was nowhere in sight and at this point I thought it best not to go looking for him.

I’m not sure if my words truly helped the man and I’ll never know if they did at a later date. But I know he heard the word and it’s up to God to gives the increase so I can only hope and pray for the man. On that day however I’m sure about one thing. Two passengers got rolled.

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