John 10:10 ‘the abundant life’

clock 1010report John 10:10 the abundant lifeThe thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy, I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

This scripture is one of my all time favorites and of course it is the theme behind this site. It’s a pretty straight forward scripture; you don’t really need a concordance or a lexicon to decipher it and get its true meaning. You can choose to accept it or decide that it is not talking about you.

Let’s go with the assumption that you believe like I do, like God wants you to, that is for you and that it is His will for your life.

If you take a closer look you can see the ministry of the devil (our adversary) and the ministry of Jesus Christ. The two objectives are totally opposite and when you see what the adversary wants for you I would hope that you would do everything you could to avoid his results. The god of this world’s ministry is 3 fold.

  • To steal; he can steal quite a bit from you and I but what he wants most is to stael the word from you. Without Gods rightly divided word you are harmless to him and subject to the other two goals he has in mind.
  • To kill; that doesn’t sound good at all but that is what the devil is after. When you are dead you can do no work for God and you are out of the way. If you’re not born again of Gods seed then he has one and he’ll callously move onto the next victim.
  • To destroy; the devil can only destroy one thing, your chance to receive seed and get born again. Once you are born again he can no longer destroy that part of you. Seed is seed. Jesus Christ is of Gods seed and even if per se he messed up and did not fulfill the word you can’t change seed. He would still be Gods son. My son is my son and if he were to become a terrible person, one that I would publically denounce, there is one fact I cannot change. He is my son born of my seed.

    Let’s look at Christ’s ministry.

  • That they might have life; Jesus Christ came so you and I might have life. What kind of life? In context it indicates that we would have physical life which is the opposite of what the devil wants to kill. Since physical life is included than one can only conclude that that life is to be abundant. Spiritual life which the devil wants to destroy is also a part of Christ’s ministry. This life is wrapped into the abundance also for which he came. You are meant by God to have an abundant physical life and an abundant spiritual life as well.
  • And that they may have it more abundantly; More is the word ‘super’. To say abundantly is pretty awesome in and of itself but super abundantly really puts it into focus.
  • Our lives are to be ‘super’ abundant, lacking nothing and full to running over. No one is singled out in this verse to get more or less, it’s available to all. It’s up to you to receive this word and agree with God that this is His will for your life. He does the rest.

    Can you make the sun rise tomorrow morning? Can you change the wind? Neither can you add to your abundance, only God can so don’t worry about ‘how’ He’ll do it just ‘that’ He’ll do it. Just fulfill the condition necessary for Him to work within you. As you grow spiritually, so many things will come to life for you from Gods word. Until then just come to Him through Christ with a humble ready heart.

    Tell God you want the abundant life He has promised and ask with confidence because you know He said it first. He will not disappoint you.

    There is a great site I’ve found that I would like to link to often. It will give you somewhere to go and take action on what you’ve learned and establish your prayer and believing to God. It is

    If you know now the abundant life is for you but you’re not quite sure how to receive it. If you would just like to go before the Father and let Him know in no uncertain terms you need His help. I urge you to visit the site and put your prayer in His hands.

    May God work miracles in your life.
    God Bless You

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