Spiritual Hitchhiker ‘Got Milk?’

milk 1010report 300x199 Spiritual Hitchhiker Got Milk?My trips were becoming quite frequent and many people knew that I hitchhiked, even people from my own area that were going to the same place. I often wanted to ‘hitch’ a ride from these folks which would save me 5 days of walking and throwing out my thumb. After all they were going to the same place & I wouldn’t take up that much room. I never asked however, because I had very little money at the time and could barely save enough to cover my costs when so I wasn’t able to pay for any gas which wouldn’t be right.

On this particular trip the weeklong fellowship was coming to an end and my mindset was all ready to hitchhike home. On the last day however some believers from my town asked if I wanted to ride with them. I jumped at the chance and was so thankful for this great blessing from God. Looking back, maybe I should have walked.

There were about 6 of us in a very old station wagon. The old gal ran pretty good I guess but I wondered what the box of oil was doing in the back storage area where I was assigned. For now I used it to put my feet up and just enjoyed the ride.

We stopped at just about every gas station for potty breaks and to take out a donation from the box of oil. Apparently the car was leaking pretty badly and I wondered if 1 box was going to be enough.

Fellowship was great during the ride and we shared all the new things we learned. We took turns driving as we were trying to make it home without stopping. After the first leg of our journey our tongues were tired and we drove for hours without saying a word.

Somewhere in Nebraska I think, we made our much needed oil break and got out to stretch our legs. Someone in the group had a quart of milk and decided it would be funny to splash it on all the rest of us. We all laughed as we ran around the parking lot trying not to get ‘milked up.’ It got all over everything, our clothes the car, our hair. We just laughed and had a great time but I was glad when the milk ran out.

Woken up and alert now we hopped in the car and headed off. We weren’t but a few minutes down the road and I was nestled in my ‘storage compartment’ with my feet dangling out the back window reading a magazine. It was the car owners turn to drive and we were up to speed when he decided to clean off some of the milk that was on the windshield. His window washer spray apparently didn’t work so he was using a canteen of water to splash on the windshield. He reached his arm out and around as far as he could to shake the water out. In so doing he also drifted into the other lane.
I started to notice that the semi truck that was half way past us was getting closer, FAST. Before I knew it we sideswiped the big rig and our vehicle was at the trucks mercy. We were pulled upward and the drivers arm was pinned between the two vehicles. I yelled out “God Help” and we shot off the truck in a hard right turn.

We finally came to a stop in a ditch on the side of the road. The semi by now was a 1/4 mile away but pulling over to stop. Everybody seemed ok but our drivers left arm was scratched up pretty bad but didn’t seem broken and we were amazed it wasn’t worse. The whole side of the wagon was crushed and the windows blown out.

By now some other travelers had stopped and the semi driver had walked back to see if we were ok. One couple who saw it happen said we were in the process of being flipped sideways and then we went airborne as we separated from the trailer. The semi driver said he hardly noticed a thing and thought he had air in the line and nothing more; that is until he saw us in his rearview mirror.

The people were very nice and someone gave us a plastic sheet to tape over the windows and some rope to keep the now hanging doors from flopping all over. We were able to start the old girl up (a miracle in itself) and pull up to the road. Before leaving we prayed and our mood, although thankful was more guarded and quiet.

It wasn’t very long down the road and we were suddenly deluged with a monster rainstorm. I grew up in the Midwest and have seen my share of rainstorms but this one was terrible. We couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us and the plastic wasn’t keeping out much of the water. We should have pulled over but decided not to fearing that we would be run over by another car. The noise on the roof was deafening and we were all on edge, “at least the milk is all washed off now”, someone said as a joke to lighten things up. It didn’t get any laughter.

This storm got way worse before it got better but we finally found a gas station and were able to pull over. Our psyches were still scrambled from the near death accident and now the storm from hell was no comfort either. With half the car soaking wet we decided we’d had enough. We huddled in a circle as best we could and began to pray. We knew we were sons and daughters of God and that that meant power. We had learned this all week and now it was time to use it. We went to God as such and were confident at His throne in our prayer request. We prayed for the rain to stop and for the rest of the trip to be devil free and for our car to make it all the way home.

I’d like to say the rain stopped instantly but it took about 5 minutes or so although it did shut off just as fast as it came. We used the opportunity to check the oil and re taped our plastic as best we could.

The rain was past us and we were on the road when we had to pullrainbow 1010report 225x300 Spiritual Hitchhiker Got Milk? over again. Not because of car failure or anything but off in the distance was the most beautiful sight. A huge Double Rainbow had manifested on the hills and it was a welcome sight.

God used a rainbow to show Noah He would never flood the earth again. I believe He gave us a double rainbow to let us know our prayers were established and answered. I had never seen one before and we all drew great comfort from this phenomenon and thanked God for the sign.

The rest of the trip was great. We still stopped at every gas station but instead of milk fights we decided to use it as a chance to witness. We were so excited and people really received what we had to say about God and the power of prayer. I know we blessed a whole bunch of people after that and definitely planted some seeds.

This is one trip I’ll never forget and the adversary desperately wanted to ruin it for us. We had been on fire for God when we left our conference and the devil wanted to put that out in a big way. As the scripture says however; If God be for us, who can be against us. Romans 8:31

The answer is; No one.

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