Siritual Hitchhiker ‘Snake in the grass’

big sky brush land 1010report 199x300 Siritual Hitchhiker Snake in the grassIt was the end of another grueling day and I decided that I’d better bed down for the night. I was somewhere in Montana and completely exhausted.

As my last ride pulled away I began to look for a place to spend the night. There was nothing around but barren brush land and on the other side of the highway just a drop off that in the distance I could see the bottom. Too steep for me I thought ,I’m too tired but I had an inner urge to go that way. I kind of thought it was God telling me where to go but I didn’t listen. I chose the brush. I only made it a few feet into the weeds and I heard a sound that I’ve never heard before except on Animal Kingdom.

A Rattle snake was real close but I could not see him. I began to freeze up and I could feel my body get so tight with fear. Immediately I knew God was telling me to back straight out and not stand there any longer. I was listening this time and I moved deliberately but not real fast and the rattle subsided.

I was real shaken and now faced with the highway again I saw the only choice was to go down the steep embankment. Walking across the highway I was treated to a wonderful surprise. In this barren desolate place God had provided me with an oasis. There was an office building at the bottom of the hill with beautiful green grass surrounding it like an emerald ring. I had forgotten about the snake at that point and headed down the hill.

sprinkler 1010report 300x199 Siritual Hitchhiker Snake in the grassThe grass was so cool and soft it made the perfect spot for me to get good nights sleep. I quickly jumped in my sleeping bag and zipped it all the way up so that just the hole for my face was exposed. (I loved that bag). I gazed at the stars and thought about how God told me to “go down the hill” but I wasn’t listening. I thought if I could only listen to God better I’d stay out of so much trouble and I could move mountains with that kind of believing and obedience. I resolved to do a better job of listening and before I went to bed I asked God for one more favor. I wanted to get an early start so I could make some real time the next day so I asked for a wakeup call.

The next morning right about 6 am I heard from God. It wasn’t a still small voice or a pillar of fire. Nothing that dramatic but what it was did prove (I think)that God has a sense of humor. It was the sprinkler system that kept the grass so green and it came on in all its glory. By the time I got out of my protective bag and off the grass I was soaked. It took a minute but I began to laugh out loud as I was rolling up my gear dripping wet.

“Thanks God” I said as I slung my pack over my shoulder and began walking to the highway. Today was going to be a good day.

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